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Design Plus Seya Beach Hotel

Alaçatı is a small town located on the west coast of Turkey, which has become a popular tourist destination due to its paradisiacal beaches and its special charm. This town, with its narrow streets of white houses adorned with flowers, has a great resemblance to the neighbouring Greek islands of the Aegean Sea. On the other hand, in its flavours and customs you can also guess the Turkish and Arab culture, which make up a unique and singular blend.

For romantic getaways or family trips, Alaçatı is a dream destination. Its privileged climate, which you can enjoy on the many white sand beaches, makes it look like summer almost all year round.

Alaçatı is also very close to Çeşme, where there is a lively nightlife, and less than an hour drive from Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey.

The best beaches

Turkey is a country surrounded almost completely by seas of warm and crystalline waters, in which it is easy to find paradisiacal beaches. But the Aegean coast is undoubtedly the one that accumulates a greater amount of sandy beaches with calm swells and many tourist services.

Among the most famous is the Ilıcan beach, in Çeşme, that has a Blue Flag and particularly warm water, ideal for bathing. Very close to the hotel, you will also find other famous beaches such as Aya Yorgi Koyu or Altınkum Sahili.

Çeşme, gastronomy and vineyards

For those who love wine and gastronomy, Çeşme will be a paradise to discover unique flavours and aromas. The specialty of the area is the kumru, a sandwich made with tomato, cheese and sausage, with soft and tasty bread that is only produced here. You should also try the typical cheeses, fruits and fresh seafood, in all its varieties.

The vineyards, in addition to standing out for the quality of their wines, make up a beautiful landscape that is worth discovering. Come to explore some of the closest to Çeşme. About fifteen minutes from Design Plus Seya Beach you will find the largest winery in the area: Çeşme Bağcılık. If you come in September, you can enjoy a festival dedicated to wine that takes place in the Marina.

Furthermore, the centre of Çeşme has great historical and cultural sites, such as the imposing Castle and its museum, or the Caravasari, resting place of the old traders' caravans.

Ruins of Pergamum

Take advantage of your trip to Alaçatı to discover the ruins of the ancient cities of the Greek Empire. Enigmatic and full of history, they allow you to discover the myths of the beginning of civilization.

The Acropolis of Pergamum, which in its time housed the largest Hellenistic temples, is declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco and preserves the remains of its immense library, which saved more than 200,000 parchments.

The old theatre was a great work of architecture of the time, surrounded by artificial terraces.

The remains of the altar of Zeus, rebuilt in the Pergamon Museum, are also a unique sample of the Hellenistic Baroque.


Less than two hours from the Design Plus Seya Beach Hotel, you can also visit the tourist city of Ephesus, one of the most important cultural and commercial centres of Asia Minor during Ancient times.

Even today, its innumerable monuments allow us to guess its past splendour.

Through the marble road and via Arcadia, you will discover the great Mediterranean empires that have left their mark on Ephesus. The door of Heracles, the library of Celso, the Grand Theater, the Roman baths, the monument to Memmio or the temple of Artemis are just some of them.